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Bundeskanzlerin begrüsst Mittestandsinitiative des VDAW
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Auf der Mittelstandstagung im Juni in Berlin hat Bundeskanzlerin Merkel ausdrücklich die Initiative des VDAW in Südamerika und Asien begrüsst. "Es sei wichtig, dass auch kleinere Verbände sich um die Globalisierung kümmern und Ihre Mitglieder gezielt an Expansionen und Partnerschaften im Ausland heran führen." meine Merkel weiter. Besonders der Ansat des VDAW sich hier nicht nur auf Deutsche Firmen zu beschränken, sondern vielmehr auch den Europäischen Ansatz mit Einbindung von Östereich und der Schweiz zu suchen, verdient als innovative Idee des VDAW Lob und Anerkennung.

Pressesprecher Hartmut Urban von seinen Aufgaben entbunden
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Der Pressesprecher des VDAW, Hartmut Urban, wurde mit sofortiger Wirkung von seinen Aufgaben entbunden und ist nich mehr befugt im Namen des VDAW zu agieren. Hartmut Urban, betreibt neben seiner Tätigkeit als Pressesprecher des VDAW auch noch andere Aktivitäten, die sich mit der Zielsetzung des VDAW nicht in Einklang bringen liessen. In einem persönlichen Gespräch mit dem Präsidium wurde einvernehmlich die Entbindung des Herrn Urbasn von seinen Aufgaben beschlossen.  Nachfolger von Herrn Urban ist Direktor Martin Gerfelder, der bis dato in verschiedenen PR-Agenturen in leitender Funktion beschäftigt war.  Wir wünschen Herrn Urban für die Zukunft alles Gute als auch Herrn Gerfelder ein gutes gelingen in seinem neuem Aufgabenbereich.

First cooperation initiated - the concept of dressing thoughts
Friday, 17 September 2010 00:00
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The VDAW has taken initial cooperation. Minister welcomes the activities of the Brüderle VDAW. The VDAW is committed to the cooperation of three German-speaking countries in the new economy market. Germany should become more involved in Asia on the spot. There is currently focused growth, and the three German-speaking countries can contribute to the combined synergies of the European starch. Hartmut including Urban, spokesman for the VDAW: Our goal is to be set by co sign. Asia is a young market and production space. Team and team thoughts are not so very pronounced. The VDAW would contribute to what constitutes Europe can also be realized in Asia - a global world in which everyone can contribute his or her unique potential. These first partnerships in which 3 companies in Europe and 2 participated in the Asian region are working to that effect. The Development Ministry asked the VDAW a direct link. Hartmut Urban, spokesman for the VDAW: This pleases us, of course, very special. It also shows us that the VDAW treading the right path. A way that would have been a long time to tread. The only association with VDAW as currently implemented, "association"concept will continue to be this way.

United Nations - UNCTAD welcomed the activity VDAW
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 00:00
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Supachai Panitchpakdi, UNCTAD Secretary-General has stated in a telephone call to the Bureau of VDAW his congratulations on the founding of the association. "He was very glad that I skipped the first time VDAW a trade association, territorial boundaries, and work in his Geamtheit for the German-speaking." can thus be used well across countries according to the UNCTAD Secretary-General synergies. Panitchpakdi also sees the focus of the activity in Southeast Asia and Latin America VDAW to encourage direct opportunities outside existing and committed organization on a purely private-sector basis, the development of economic and trade options. "It may be for VDAW a painful start, but it is certainly a fruitful journey to success".

VDAW - establishing positive resumé
Monday, 16 August 2010 00:00
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The Association of German foreign trade has encountered since its inception with great interest. Need for information regarding the "ROOF" representation of the association, which means so much that the next VDAW Germany (D) for Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) is equally active. "So there is no single focus on the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany, " says the spokesman Hartmut Urban. It appears now that this focus on the three countries in the everyday business of foreign trade rather offers advantages. "The association has been able to afford, particularly in relation to federal republican authorities and government departments in recent months, useful information campaigns, including in the miscalculation of the lawful use on the basis of the current jurisdiction of internet links, "said the executive president, Dr. Ralph Rieder.In respect to the previously used images of happy <Drei-Säulen-Modell>, umd to explain the support of the German Foreign Trade, consisting from the Foreign Office with its embassies and consulates abroad, the DIHK with AHKs abroad and a limited company with the foreign trade promotion activities fields, now the fourth column, the Association of German foreign trade has been added.

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