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Sustainable and modern economic structures to promote and establish one of the main objectives of the VDAW. The central commitment of the VDAW applies to the interests of Germany's total foreign trade at the national and international level. It can bank on a strong power base, because its members are composed of medium-sized companies, Gobalplayern and curious newcomers on the international stage. So they are not - as usually - organized under one association. This results in direct dialogue and quick decisions that bring the German Foreign Trade and decisive advantages.

In all areas of foreign trade such as export and transport policy, technical legislation, quality assurance and control of the association is in the interests of its members operate. It addition, the environment and climate change special weight. In addition, the VDAW acts as an organizer of bilateral meetings with the partner countries. This is an open but private atmosphere down value, so that very often emerge from these initial meetings already clear next steps.

The VDAW is a service provider for the German foreign trade, and with German are not the borders of Germany meant, but rather the whole German-speaking Austria and Switzerland, which benefited from the work of the VDAW as a whole.