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For inclusion in the VDAW following documents for submission are required:

  1. Brief company profile or actual website (eg:
  2. Certificate of registration of their company in the DACH - or ASEAN - Region
  3. Current business address with name, phone - and fax numbers and e-mail address of the direct contact.
  4. Short covering letter with the request for admission to the VDAW with an authorized signature (Managing Director, agent etc).

These documents are sent (in full) via e-mail to the Association of German foreign trade VDAW.

E-mail: membership (at)

Note: A legal claim for inclusion in the VDAW not exist. The VDAW reserves the right to decide explicitly.
Since the VDAW both politically and religiously neutral, an evaluation of these aspects found in accession candidates take place.
A decision on the membership of each candidate is taken as soon as, but no later than 14 days after receiving the request.
The decision of the host committee will soon be communicated to the applicant, via e-mail.
In the case of the admission, the applicant receives the further course of action also sent via e-mail.
The decision of the host committee is final, but leaves to request again after 12 months.